Jan de Lely Bv

Rijnstraat 60

4191 CM Geldermalsen

tel: +31345576100

Tapa TSR 1/2/3

Jan de Lely offers you many transport options.

Garment transport,

We carry out road transport from Western Europe to Eastern Europe and North Africa and vice versa, for various European clothing manufacturers.

Jan de Lely has a large number of experienced drivers for all your garment consignments to your customers throughout Europe.  Our garment trailers (95 m3 in size) conform to current regulations and have clean, odour-free interiors.

Our vehicles are insured to such a level that we are completely happy to transport your high-value goods (including textiles).

Our trailers are in service in Europe and the former Eastern Bloc on a daily basis.

We are the ideal partner to deliver your raw materials and trimmings to your commission finishers in the various countries throughout Europe.



We can transport your consignments with a door-to-door service throughout Europe, the Eastern Bloc countries and North Africa.

Storage and Distribution,

We have various options for the storage and distribution of all your clothing.  Your goods will be handled with the greatest care in our warehouse.

Your goods are kept under surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by means of a closed-circuit camera system.

We can also carry out pick & pack services for your goods.

Deliveries to your customer following precise order specifications, delivery to branches within the retail chain, point-to-point deliveries and retail distribution are just some of the many options with Jan de Lely.



Customs clearance,

Professional staff handle all your customs import and export procedures.

Our customs department would be happy to discuss the correct preparation of for example EUR 1 documents, Certificates of Origin etc and would be happy to advise you on the various regulations for the relevant countries.

Volume Transport,

We combine our experience and know-how so that your goods are processed in the right way.


All our vehicles are fitted with satellite and alarm systems and all drivers have mobile phones, so we are able to trace our vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  As a result we comply with the requirements of the Class 3 alarm system classification and are able to transport high-value loads for you