Jan de Lely Bv

Rijnstraat 60

4191 CM Geldermalsen

tel: +31345576100

Tapa TSR 1/2/3

For our customers, we take care of deliveries to branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

This takes place according to a fixed schedule.  As a result, shop staffing can be planned so that the goods received and sent can be processed efficiently.

Alongside clothing non-trading goods can also be transported.

We carry out transport for many retail chains either ourselves or through one of our partners in retail distribution:

  • exclusive, i.e. dedicated, transport
  • semi-exclusive, where the cargo area is divided into two compartments, on one side for the chain’s goods and on the other side for distribution to other retailers, by means of a sliding division wall and separate cargo doors
  • transport in garment trailers or delivery vans